Sep 25, 2023

Effective preaching is the art of exegeting not only words and principles, but also images, metaphors and stories. For decades Leonard Sweet has revolutionized preaching with his narrative savvy and image exegesis, culminating in his exploration of Scripture’s key “narraphors”. Like a parable, a narraphor (narrative + metaphor) contains the power of a metaphorical image with the accessibility and approachability of a story. Now, Sweet has passed on his expertise to his first—and only—doctoral preaching cohort at Portland Seminary. His students have crafted the Story Lectionary, 52 sermons that re-tell the Story of Scripture from “the Garden to the Garden City.” Whether a scholar, preacher, or earnest student of Scripture, the Story Lectionary will challenge your presuppositions about Jesus Christ and radically enhance your understanding of God’s plans to heal the world.​Dr. Wade is one of the co-writers.