Sep 25, 2023

After we leave church on Sunday morning, many of us do not give a great deal of further thought to the sermon we just heard. For some of us, it is all we can do to think about what we need to do each day for our families, careers, and ourselves. Unfortunately, contemplation on God’s Word from the previous Sunday is often not high on the to-do list. Authors Robin K. Johnson and Kevin Wade want to change that. They want the message received in Sunday Morning Services and Wednesday Night Bible Study to carry one through the week. In My Spiritual Journal, these authors provide the vehicle by which those messages may be strengthened and lived throughout the week. By taking notes and reading suggested passages, you will learn to use self-reflection to open doors to spiritual insights. You will be able to change behaviors that have prohibited the Holy Spirit from moving in your life. Copies are available per request for $20.00 through the Mount Olive email –