Sep 25, 2023

A father should be the image that all other men are measured in the eyes of his daughter. This book is designed to open up discussions between the daughter in her teenage years and is becoming an adulthood. Strong and meaningful conversations between fathers and daughter’s breakdown and falter because there is not a focus on discussing the simple things in life. Small conversations, which continually build on the self-esteem and self-efficacy of the young woman leaving home, will create a thin space that will allow the relationship between the father and his daughter to remain intact after she has left home. Johnson’s experiences with his seven daughters has allowed him insight into the disconnect between a father and daughter when she begins to step into womanhood leaving the image of “”daddy’s little girl”” behind. A Daughter’s Book of Secrets contains some information that a dad should talk to his daughter about. It also opens up areas in which some fathers fear to tread and meet his daughter as she grows into adulthood. “”The text you hold represents not just a handbook for dealing with the intricacies, nastiness, and mundanity of life, but a love song crafted by a father who finds great joy in that role. Enjoy reading A Daughter’s Book of Secrets. Pass it on to your daughters, sons, and spouses. Johnson’s wisdom is applicable for all of us. The cost is $20.00